Biggest Giveaway Ever

Want 500 Free Credit!

Yes 500 Credit totally free, Everyone can participate in this Giveaway

How to Enter?

We will give a ticket during this campaign for every single purchase. No matter you are buying 1 credit or 1000 credit everyone will get a token during this campaign 

How to Get Credit?

In this campaign period, System will automatically generate tickets for who will make purchase on site after end of this campaign we will make a draw and 5 user will get amazing credit bonus that totally free

How many tickets in one purchase?

Well, we have 2 systems for generate token credit count and purchase count

  • Credit Count: System will generate ticket ( your credit purchase amount x 1 ) means if you buy 1 credit you will get 1 ticket or if you will buy 10 credit you will get 10 ticket
  • Purchase Count : In this campaign Period we will give 1 purchase equal 1 ticket so if you buy 1 time you will get one ticket if you buy 10 times you will get 10 tickets from purchase count
  • Final Ticket Amount :  You final ticket amount will be Credit count + Purchase Count

How does the ticket work?

After the campaign ends, the highest 5 users will get the biggest giveaway ever

  • 1st  Prize : 500 Credit
  • 2nd Prize : 300 Credit
  • 3rd  Prize : 125 Credit
  • 4th  Prize :  75  Credit
  • 5th Prize  :  25  Credit

How to get ticket draw results?

we will send an email to all of our users about this draw result also we will attach the result on Pvaverify website

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